Frequently Asked Question

Why is it important to have a driving evaluation?

Driving evaluations are important if you have a condition that could affect the safety of your driving. If you are unsure about your driving ability, please contact our office and our driving expert will be happy to discuss your concerns and schedule an appointment if appropriate.

Who needs a driving evaluation?

Anyone with a cognitive and/or physical disability that creates concern for an individual’s driving safety. Any Disability, Any Diagnosis

What do I need for a driving evaluation?

• a valid state driver’s license or permit
• physician’s involvement or prescription is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.

Where is the driving evaluation performed?

Evaluations are performed in a variety of areas based on availability including in-home evaluations to accommodate your needs. All clinical and functional assessments are performed by a licensed occupational therapist who specializes in driver rehabilitation.

How much does it cost?

Driving Evaluation fees can vary depending on fuel and insurance costs. Please call our office for pricing information. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover the cost of an evaluation, but we offer a flexible payment plan if needed.