Adaptive Equipment Training

Driver's Training WITH Adaptive Equipment

For those times when adaptive equipment is necessary for safe independent driving, our occupational therapists are driving rehabilitation specialists who provide training with various types of adaptive equipment for driving, including, but not limited to:

If needed, we can also make vehicle modification recommendations as well (lifts, ramps, transfer seating, panoramic mirrors, 5 point harnesses, etc.)

Independent Drivers LLC is NOT an adaptive equipment installer. We are medical professionals who make recommendations regarding a person’s competency to drive a motor vehicle with or without adaptive equipment.

Please call our office for more details as every situation is different and we service our clients on an individual basis.

Driver's Training WITHOUT Adaptive Equipment

Some individuals may require driver’s training secondary to a minimal cognitive, psychological, or visual problem. We have worked with many NEW DRIVERS that have a congenital disease and/or developmental delays and require specialized assessment of their performance. Individualized Drivers Plans (IDP’s) are developed for each NEW DRIVER and his/her family. Participation in an IDP is not a guarantee of successful completion of the program.

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